Ceylon Cinnamon

Cinnamon is the most important and valuable spice produced in Sri Lanka. Before the advent of modern food preservation technology Europeans have used Cinnamon with Pepper to preserve meat products. Cinnamon is used in bakery products, Asian foods and flavoured tea for its distinctive aroma & flavour. With growing concern on health hazards associated with synthetic flavouring agents used in the food industry there is an increasing preference for natural flavours worldwide


Cinnamon Stick

Cinnamon Powder

Cinnamon Leaves

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Nutmeg Powder

Mace Blade

Ceylon Nutmeg & Mace Blade

Ceylon nutmeg, which contains an acute flavor of hazelnut, is widely used to sweeten dishes. This conventional spice is considered to be sweet whereas the mace is strong and tart.
Ceylon nutmeg is a wonderful ingredient to include in Sheppard’s pies, cheese dishes and root vegetable purees. It is also and an essential spice in seasoning of desserts, cakes, custards, and cookies which enhance the flavor of the food.
We export whole nutmegs as well as broken nutmegs, nutmeg powder and nutmegs with shell chips. 


Ceylon Black Pepper

The Ceylon Black Pepper is of higher natural aroma when compared to Black Pepper of other origins. Ceylon Black Pepper is 100% natural and is free from all types of chemicals and insects which makes it far more than the best. The natural taste of the Ceylon Black Pepper is incomparable to the taste of any other Black pepper origins.


Whole Black Pepper

Ceylon Vanilla

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Ceylon Vanilla Pod

Out of the 20,000 Orchid varieties in the world, vanilla is the only orchid that is used as a food additive. Scientifically known as Vanilla Planifolia, the spice is native to Mexico and Central America. Vanillin is the main component found in Vanilla which emphasizes its flavour and pleasing fragrance.


Ceylon Curry Leaves

The species’ generic name, Murraya koenigii, derives from Johann Andreas Murray (1740-1791), who studied botany under Carl Linnaeus and became a professor of medicine with an interest in herbalism at the University of Göttingen, Germany.


Curry tree is also called curry leaf tree or curry bush, among numerous local names, depending on country.

The tree is native to the Indian subcontinent. Commercial plantations have been established in India, and more recently Australia.


It grows best in well-drained soils in areas with full sun or partial shade, preferably away from the wind. Growth is more robust when temperatures are at least 18°C (65°F).


Healthy Curry Leaves

Ceylon Jaggery

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Sri Lanka’s beloved natural sweetener, Kithul jaggery, is made from the sap harvested from the Fishtail Palm or the Jaggery Palm that grow in abundance all over the island. Harvesting of palm sap can be a risky task. Usually, a tapper climbs up a wooden lattice tied to a side of the palm tree that usually grows up to a height of 40-feet. Then he makes a sharp incision at the base of a cluster of flowers that droop down from a branch like a bunch of grapes and ties a jute sack to the base of the cluster to collect droplets of sap trickling down from the flower. Once the sap is collected for several days, it is usually boiled over an open wood fire until it reduces to a sticky and intensely sweet syrup known as treacle with the colour and thickness of honey, out of which jaggery is made.


The bittersweet truth about Sri Lanka’s much-loved sweetener is that its future is uncertain. A host of factors have led to the recent scarcity of this once-abundant sweetener including the clearing of rainforest buffer zones and the reduction of the home gardens, which has led to the diminishing numbers of the Jaggery Palm trees in the country.


Ceylon Spice Mix | Curry Powder

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Sri Lanka, the celebrated spice island of the East, has a strong culinary tradition that has been formed by the abundant access to exotics and flavourful spices and herbs.

The celebrated flavours of Sri Lankan cuisines have long been formed by the numerous condiments, spice mixtures and pastes prepared by the local housewives using a connotation of favourite spices and herbs.


Ceylon Ginger Powder

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The ginger roots consist of more than 400 chemical compounds including minerals and vitamins such as Vitamin B3, B6 and C, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Folate, Riboflavin, and Niacin. These compounds carry antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties which have a multitude of benefits.


Ceylon Clove

Whole Clove

Clove, one of the most prized and expensive spices from the ancient times, is native to the Maluku Islands or the Moluccas in the Indonesian Archipelago. Although the time and manner of introduction of cloves into Sri Lanka are not known, the general belief is that the Arabs or colonists brought the crop to the island as Sri Lanka was a major market for spices.


Ceylon Red Rice

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Ceylon Pure’s Organic Heirloom Red Rice is a nutty & flavorful rice with a delightful aroma; the perfect addition to your family’s healthy and sustainable lifestyle.