Our company, AKEI Ltd is registered in the UK and “My Petal” is our tea brand. The company source all our teas directly from carefully selected factories, through the government tea auction (Sri Lanka government policy) in Sri Lanka. Our parent company acquired wealth of experience working with teas and has been supplying teas to local market in Sri Lanka Since 1981. Ethical principles are embedded in every step of our business model.

Our Ceylon (Sri Lanka) teas are NOT flavoured, we are passionate about bringing you the best quality teas with natural flavour/ taste. We bring you the original taste. There are 3 main tea growing regions in Sri Lanka, simply based on altitude and climate, they are “Low” (Valleys) Grown, “Mid” (Hills)Grown and “High” (Mountain) Grown. Therefore, these regional teas have distinct variations in natural flavour and strength, which we bring straight to your cup without adding any chemical flavours or colourings.

In addition to teas, spices and many other products are in our portfolio. All the natural products are sourced directly from the farmers in Sri Lanka.